Will 2018 be a lucky year? Here is what chinese horoscope predicts

The dog makes you more altruistic, more generous and can also give you the impulse or the idea of ​​a new beginning. What is the use of turning around in your “Dog life” if your presence, your participation or your skills can contribute to a nice project? In 2018 and if you need it, you will find it normal to collaborate or invest in the ambitions of a Group or for a good cause. What we do together is human enriching and maybe that’s what you expected to be happier.
On the professional side, make a small point first. Are you in your trade and / or in your company? Do you like your status and how you work? If you lack the essentials, if you feel dissatisfied, if you are tired of working in your corner, now is the time to react and work towards a global well-being. You can find a more detailed version of the chinese horoscope 2018 on this website : www.chinesehoroscope2018.com

On the heart side, you will need more to be in osmosis with your dear and tender. In 2018, understanding and understanding becomes a priority, to resolve the divergences of the past and to forgive are some others, to embellish your living environment is also in line with this desire for common well-being. More optimism and more sharing for a more serene tomorrow.

If you are single, you may meet someone who practices the same leisure time as you or who has the same passions. It creates immediate hooks, it is more obvious and it is even enriching. Fewer great emotions but more affinities: it’s still the foot!

The Dog is loyal, faithful and lives its life in accordance with its own code of ethics. Although very trustworthy, he has difficulty in trusting others. The Dog is a faithful friend and an exceptional ear. He is the protective knight of the Chinese Zodiac ready to fight injustice and to side with the oppressed at all times and in all circumstances.

The dog can be very rigid in its way of thinking and in its behaviors. He also tends to make mood jumps and needs time with himself to sulk and revitalize himself. The Dog is slow to give his confidence, but with time and evidence that a person is trustworthy, he will be very warm to her.

The Dog needs physical activities to be happy. He will defend any cause he thinks valid.

In his amorous quest, the Dog may be its worst enemy. He becomes so anxious when it comes time to initiate the mating ritual that he creates too much stress in the possible partner so that the dance of love is a success.

This year, Chinese stars will give you the opportunity to change what is no longer appropriate or suitable for you, especially in your career. No more going in a way that is not for you, or taking on a job that does not flourish, you will find the courage to reconvert, to change your path and especially to take risks. yet tend to tend to bet on security! A year 2017 that will reveal to you a bold side that we did not suspect and that will invite you to adopt a new lifestyle in which you will feel much better in the end! So do not stay this year attached to old pattern and dare novelty!

In a relationship with

The big project of your couple this year may be focused on the desire to change the environment! Moving, transferring, or buying a property, you will move forward together, sharing the same desires and the same vision of things. There is no doubt that the complicity will be good between you. You will also want to invite a new zest of sensuality and passion in your relationships that had tended the previous year to fall a little in the routine. Your life as a couple this year will be a treasure in your eyes that you will take great care of! Life by your side will be pleasant, tender and joyful at the same time, something to rejoice your partner who will have eyes only for you!


A little chilly at the beginning of the year, you tend to play on a cautious and very selective note that will not make you really easy to approach … This climate of defiance of novelty and love will reign the end of spring, then you will finally be able to let you go and open your heart more easily. This will give you some pretty good results during the summer, but nothing that will be exciting enough to invite you to step forward. It will be necessary to wait until the arrival of the autumn to see your heart truly truly pulsating, causing you to project seriously in this new story that will finally meet your expectations on all points. A year 2018 that will put the time to bring you love, but that will not fail to open you new horizons in love …

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