the Ox main personality traits

Intimately associated with agriculture, work and patience. It is also related to the seasons of the sowing. It always goes forward with steady and slow but very steady and steady pace. Persevering animal of great physical strength, it possesses much vital energy. It is considered a sacred animal in the East. It is a bad omen to eat it. They are kind and patient people, who run the risk of being considered somewhat eccentric. But they can inspire confidence in the people around them. They usually show a great manual ability, they perform a great number of creations. They are not very talkative, because they choose to meditate their opinions and not rush into the answers even if they are hurried. They reach success without having to work hard, regardless of the goal or subject they are playing. They take time to rage; However, when this happens, they explode violently. They are spectators and tend to seek isolation. Ideals can push them to passion. The family is a fundamental issue in them. They detest any form of modernism, and much more if it arises in their dwelling. Their preferred trades and careers are business. Since they are smart and skilled with their hands they could become surgeons. They also serve to travel, as long as your health does not present ups and downs

Stable and trustworthy, the Ox is the second sign of the Chinese zodiac. When you need someone you trust, call an Ox. These people who are realistic and sensitive, also have a great heart and are always ready to help.

The Ox prefers regular methods and routines. The people who were born under the sign of the Ox, work for permanent security. Its most important characteristics are dignity and self-confidence. They are people who follow the rules, and expect others to follow them. They are known as people who love their family, but in turn are demanding and high expectations.

The ox will always say what it thinks, but it will reject every agreement that is opposed to its principles. Although, in general, they are quiet people, when something is wrong, they may not have scruples, demand, and move away emotionally. They are patient, but they have their limits. It is dreadful to see an angry Ox. It can be vengeful, and even, it can hurt itself.

The love of an Ox will be stronger and clearer than romantic and impulsive. It takes a lot of time for the love of an Ox to become an intimate relationship. Once you are dedicated to someone, you are enormously loyal, whatever the problems. They have the value of their weight converted into gold.

The Ox is one of the quietest sacred animals in the Chinese horoscope. His character is serene and calm although in times of anger he can become unstoppable.

He has great strength, tenacity and great patience. On the other hand it tends to seek bodily pleasure constantly through good food, a comfortable home, etc.

His pace is slow and slow. He takes care of his tasks with dedication in order to be precise and precise. He does not like changes or improvisations and needs time to get organized. Of course, when you have enough time to do it, the results are always excellent.

His demeanor is kind and kind, and he gets the others to quickly trust him. He does not like conflicts or violence, and he flee from this type of environment because he is nervous.

He deeply respects traditions and customs and is often a realistic and conservative person – hence he made the changes so much – He also has a tendency to save.

The Ox likes simplicity. Be it in objects or in ideas. The latter makes it sometimes cold and distant in their feelings. Of course, romanticism is not exactly his thing and he prefers the communion of bodies instead of souls.

It costs him to find a partner because he takes his time to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the other person. But when you decide, you do it firmly.

With regard to the less positive aspects of an Ox, we find it difficult to express emotions, which can be stubborn, have little or no imagination and enthusiasm and can have prejudices towards others. He can also possess excessive pride and become a fanatic capable of using violence.

As for health, those born under the sign of the Ox enjoy good health although that does not prevent hypochondriacs. If they fall ill – it could be because of their tendency to overeating with food – their great strength causes them to recover soon. Your gall, liver, and intestines may suffer if you do not learn to apply moderation to your daily life.

Wood (born 1925, 1985, 2009)
The wood in the Ox is positive because it makes it even more calm and serene. It is an ox that likes very much the simplicity and that has a great confidence in itself.
It also gives you the flexibility that normally does not have someone of this sign. His nature makes him more protective with his own and kind.
He is a type of person who quickly gains the affection, respect and admiration of others.

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