precius stones for zodiac signs (a small guide)

The history of human civilizations and the history of precious stones have been intertwined since the beginning of mankind, when people have appreciated the precious and semi-precious stones and considered them valuable either for their properties or for imperceptible reasons believing that some stones are talismans, Induce well-being or have associated with curative effects only if they are worn. These aspects have only increased the importance of precious and semiprecious stones, even natural crystals in some cases, becoming even more desired and sought after.

Over the centuries, there have been many associations between various precious and semiprecious stones and zodiac signs, planets, chakras, seasons, hours, minutes, or psychic states, that can not be said with precision which variant is the most correct, or more Generally valid. Perhaps this field is best exemplified by an old proverb according to which “how many habitats)”. does not believe that it is possible to determine exactly which stone belongs to the zodiac, and therefore mentions that the data below is given by the general use it has taken as such, leaving it to the customers to appreciate if they fit, or not.

Some precious and semi-precious stones are found in correspondence with astrological zodiac signs. Each of the twelve signs corresponds to a precious or semi-precious stone, although many variants of such association tables between the signs and stones flow from more or less solid arguments or come from the age of various civilizations (Persian, Greek, Roman, Israeli and contemporary times), Our website chose to present to its clients interested in this kind of information the zodiac inspired quite closely by the Orthodox biblical teachings, considering that the Bible – the Old Testament is a credible enough source And worthy of mention, compared to other variants, where the sources are questionable and relatively interpretable.

The Old Testament mentions that God Himself asked Moses to make the first priestly garments and adorn them with 12 precious and semiprecious stones (in Exodus, Chapter 28 – Sanctified Husbandry 17-20 and Chapter 39 Priests Husbandry), without doing No correlation with stars or zodiac signs.

The 12 precious stones are: diamond, sardeon, topaz, emerald, sapphire, opal, agate, amethyst, chrysolite, onix and lapis lazuli, all sewn in gold coins.

The combination of these 12 stones and the 12 months of the year is the bridge created by many astrologers who have associated each stones one of the months of the year and then one of the zodiac signs. There are, however, many people who think that the 12 diamonds are the diamond that has the highest positive power, being a bonheur for anyone who wears it anytime, anywhere. Also according to these diamond theories follow them as beneficial power transmitted to everyone wearing them, sapphire, ruby, emerald and then the other eight stones. Obviously, as scientifically there is a very clear parallel between the physical hardness of these stones and this theory, and the zodiac interpretation only confirms once again that the diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald stones are the most important ones at this point view.
Since you are a living and energetic person, we might say that hematite and ruby ​​fit because both have the color of fire: red.

Earth, the element underlying your zodiac, will influence you in ways you have never thought of. This is also the case for the precious stones that fit you, namely: jade, amber.

You are dualistic and will dominate the air, as you well know. You always want something new and take your mind instantly. You probably will not stay in one gem; You fit the citrine and the topaz.

Cats are romantic, but especially sensitive. If you want to impress a lady or a lady, all you have to do is give her a pearl or a classic diamond.

The sun, the fire, all that is strong and attracts, is found to you. Love to amaze everyone when you enter a room, so it is necessary to have an adventurer, an agate or even the sunstone.

You are a serious, sober and always calculated, so do not venture out of common colors but like to stay in the comfort area. Choose jade, emerald or quartz smoky.

I will give you all the beautiful things, and especially delicate, in pale colors. You can choose the opal or topaz, but for the lady there is jade.