Chinese horoscope 2017 for snake

Wisdom manifests natives of this sign by an interesting contradiction. Although those born in the year of the snake are people with excellent communication skills, they often choose to give answers through their silence. They prefer to think in depth any problem facing before reaching a conclusion. Are meticulous, sometimes hidden and even cunning, but almost always fail to achieve its purpose.

Signs under strong paradoxes such as snake and dragon are signs karmic signs whose existence is dictated by how they use their immense resources. Snakes may be wise thinkers and theologians, but can become equally unscrupulous businessmen. Their lives may unfold along the glory or tragedy, depending on the choices you make every step.

Snakes are naturally superstitious, although rarely recognize. They are fully aware of the power of their actions and how they can affect their life, but often go with the ambition. Successful men and women are very attractive, not only physically but through personal aura and magnetism. Usually easily obtain material satisfactions and rarely have financial problems.

Those born under the sign of the snake are tenacious and possessive. Have excellent communication skills, but often prefer to keep silent or into suspicion, or to give their analysis time. Because they are so mysterious, snakes become unpredictable even for loved ones.

Regarding career, snakes they encounter a problem and reluctance to collaborate and work with others. They can communicate smoothly and are masters in social only when it does not have to repeat daily exercise. When they are forced to work in a team are fast becoming stressed and do not feel at ease.

Because they like to analyze everything in detail, it is easy to find problems and shortcomings in current career, which is why they tend to change their occupation several times to remain a field.

Best career opportunities for snakes are: scientist, analyst, nutritionist or sociologist.

The health of snakes

Snakes that consume a lot and are often introverted and reflect on health. Prefer a quiet life, so quickly become stressed if you are surrounded by peace and order.

In order to maintain their health, snakes require periodic vacations and harmony in the family.

snake woman

In any chinese horoscope, snake woman is described as the ideal partner for many types of man. Its qualities transforms it into a mother, wife and lover full of charm and devotion.

The woman snake is warm, caring, very sexually charged and attached to home and family. Usually she likes to cook and is happy to be a housewife, but also has a successful career.

Women born under this sign will be like ants will always find something to do, but they will always reserve time for self indulgence. Snake woman likes to enjoy a good bath and sunny days, like a reptile, love to warm in the sun. It could be said that sometimes it is boring, but the other party will never agree with her opinion of himself, because it is capable of a deep understanding of life. It is invariably willing to listen and rarely make excessive demands.

Under this outer shell charming snake woman tends to be quite stubborn and reluctant to cede control over any thinks belongs exclusively. Rarely will be in contradiction with its main partner for that argument does not care. He knows how to get what it wants if it is really necessary.