Chinese horoscope 2017 for Dragon

Dragon can be equally an inspiration, and a fearsome enemy. Natives other signs with equal strength of character in Dragon see a rival, and compatibility with signs as stubborn can be a real problem for them. Look outside, dragons seem glorious dressed in armor, but inside they hide vulnerabilities born exactly the image that raise expectations towards them.

In ancient times it was believed that dragons have the power to control and lead firmly and zodiac natives often face the same misconceptions. Is expected of dragons often be ruthless in following ambitions by the time they become the central focus point of all existence. In reality, the dragon has moments in which confidence, which seems mostly Laborer, leaves him and feels lost. Fearing the image to not be affected, the native of this sign tend to face alone with these problems and uncertainties.

Dragon partners are the real source of their power, those who feed image providing unrivaled tranquility and comfort that natives need when they are in a phase of introspection and vulnerability.

Like tigers and other signs that the basic traits courage, impulsiveness, a seemingly immeasurable passion and self-confidence, and her dragons are perfectly equipped to be leaders. They can find success in any career I choose, as long as the road is tortuous, always present challenges. For dragons challenges, more than strength and ultimate success or financial equilibrium are what is becoming the driving force in your chosen career.

Because they like risk, dragons feel best in the following areas: journalism, inventors, law or marketing.

The health of the Dragon

Dragons nature is characterized by total dedicated purpose, and if you aim to be confused with career they will work hard, without taking into account the way the depletion affects their health. May go through periods of chronic stress without showing it on the outside, so relatives natives of this sign must always be careful that they rest and relaxation to combat stress.

Old age, dragons tend to develop problems with liver, colon and stomach. To maintain health, dragons need to regain inner balance which they often tumultuous upset with bile.

woman dragon

Chinese horoscope dragon describe any woman as a person who does not accept any limits. Women belonging to this sign know what they want from life and are willing to use all the weapons necessary to get what they want.

Woman dragon has always need a cause and will always support those who are less fortunate than her.

It is unlikely that two dragons live together because it would be the most explosive relationship possible. As in all cases there are deviations from rules, but they are few and far between. It is much more pleasant situation where she feels like dragon there is someone on whom they can channel all the support and protection that can give evidence.

Woman dragon has a warm personality, although sometimes intellectual distance. When in a good mood, this is the most pleasant person they can live and always have enough energy to be available to those who need it most.

Ladies who are born under the sign of the dragon horoscope are very unlikely to disappoint them and those around them are very punctual. Woman dragon hates any kind of routine and feels best in an atmosphere of spontaneous enthusiasm is present.

The man dragon

Who is looking for a man who may be based in a crisis, someone who is always different, interesting and dynamic dragon man is an ideal candidate.

The man zodiac dragon is capable of being extremely possessive and jealous and is usually very full of himself. But for those who manage to know in depth a man born under this sign is visible that, in reality, it has much less confidence than he wants to show.

Dragon can be a kind man contradictory, this has something to prove and is the type who wants to show that each hour of the day or night. Men born under this sign in the horoscope are not easy to understand, but it is always worth trying.