chinese horoscope 2017 – year of the fire rooster

2017 in the Chinese zodiac – year of the rooster

2017 is the year of the rooster fire. Rooster year is generally a year of prosperity, justice, justice and logistical efficiency. In these years such as careers in public administration and private military, police or justice are favored, and those involved in such projects can expect a rewarding year.

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Those born in the year of the rooster fire

Those who are to be born between January 28th 2017 and February 15th 2018 will be born under the sign of fire rooster, a sign of intelligence, devotion, courage, spirit of adventure and of a personality but eccentric. The last year of the rooster fire was in 1945.

Under the influence of passionate element of fire, those born under the sign of the rooster will be the most full of life, and the most dramatic of the natives of this sign in the Chinese horoscope.

Have an unshakable will and can go look dominating, but this is just the result of desire to do what is best both for himself and for others.

Under the sign of ambition and determination, fire roosters have a huge potential for success in virtually any career they would choose. May be bankers, accountants, managers or financial consultants because they have a clear inclination to finance and an obvious talent for working with numbers.

They are direct, talented, capable and deep thinkers, but are often described as eccentric tastes fine. On the outside seem charismatic and shine in the spotlight, but the inner struggle with insecurities sometimes even created their own hard character. Almost tyrannical tendencies dominance over others that appear even when well intentioned that fail to communicate their exact intentions and tend to impose their point of view.

Can develop character traits less popular as a stubbornly inflexible and that makes difficult. They tend to act without thinking about how these actions influences others. They are honest to the point where their sincerity can become painful, so it will not fit with partners never too sensitive.

Rooster fire in relationships with others

According to the Chinese zodiac, natives into fire buttercups are people with strong personality that become easily obsessed with his own image. They need partners who balance them this constant desire for affirmation and who can see beneath the outer shell and which tend to form.

Fire Roosters are excellent leaders but in private life tend to be led by the insecurities that they hide under a hardness which can remove partner. May hurt the feelings of loved ones without even realizing that the only kind of honesty that is the brutal understand. Get your free Horoscope for de Year 2018 at :

Chinese Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Chinese zodiac astrology is a side surrounded by many superstitions and traditions that have their roots in times long gone. From the legend of the 12 animals called the Buddha, to the many signs of the zodiac fortune representative for each animal separately, this is one of the Chinese horoscope and mystical symbolism. For example, in the Chinese zodiac year is considered representative of the animal zodiac govern again is always a full year streak natives. Because signs are repeated every 12 years, traditionally it is believed that at ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 years etc. natives were part of the watershed, in which misfortune follows them. To ward off bad luck, those born under that sign must wear something red all year sages gave the family (the older members). It can be about anything wearable from chain bracelets or ribbons attached to clothing.

Traditionally, each animal has an attribute basis, as follows: the rat is wise buffalo is diligent, the tiger is brave rabbit is cautious, the dragon is powerful snake is flexible, horse dive forward, sheep emphasis on unity , is changing the monkey, the rooster is predictable, loyal dog, and the pig is amicable. Watch further says Chinese horoscope for each sign: