Are Nostradamus’s prophecies true ? His predictions for 2018

Paris were found last Nostradamus manuscripts of great predictor. They were kept secret desire prophet, who said that now is the time when they can be released. These findings are very interesting and predict dire things for omenire.Iata 20 predictions of Nostradamus.1 WE ALL SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE! “It will create a new world power, as before the Tower of Babel”, wrote Nostradamus.2 dead will walk the earth!
“No later than the end of this century, they will ever be held in hell, the dead will come forth” three world economy will collapse! “Fortunes will disappear, and the rich will die several times” 4 SUN WILL FRUNIZORUL single energy! “King of Heaven will receive a satellite that will take power and will give Earth” five people will live 200 years! “Medicine will expand, and people will live longer. A person 80 years will look like one of 50” .6 radiation will dry ground! “Sun King will steal land forests.

The sky will open and the heat will burn plains”, hint that destroying forests will create a hole in the ozone layer that protects us from radiatii.7 CHINESE replace old methods of modern medicine! “From the East comes healing. The Chinese are the best doctors, using the teachings of the ancients! 8 men will learn to talk to animals!”

Telepathy will be so advanced that the dog will become brother man “9 All fees will be abolished!” people are refusing to pay taxes to any king “10 WE nEED YOUR LICENSE tO bECOME PARENTS” people will have to show their qualities of emotional, intellectual and genetic to be certified to have a child “.11 nudity will become the norm! “the physical people will improve and they will be exposed naked in public” 12 insomnia will exceed 1 trillion CASES “people will go to sleep as death.” 13 many homosexuals will increase 4 times!

“the number of men who love men will increase 4 times “14 intergalactic WARS wILL CAUSE DISASTER!” will separate East from west. Thousands of lights in the sky to attack Earth. Lasers will cause great damage “15 FUTURE POPE WILL BE assassin!” The new pope will be assassinated. It is a young person who will succeed Benedic XVI “FAITH ORGANIZED 16 will cease to exist!” Killing Pope will lead to international holy war. The result will be the disappearance of churches as we know “17 angels live with people” sons of God and sons of men will live together on Earth “18 Antichrist will be captured!” In the middle of a dark forest Satan will be caught. This will delay the Apocalypse “19 people will live on another planet” Earth will become a myth, people will expand and inhabit other planets “20 END OF THE WORLD IS COMING IN 2436!” The history of mankind will know end on October 1, 2436 . our ancient enemy will destroy Earth. ”

The general picture of mankind in the next period

In short, the future will look like on mankind will depart a multitude of natural disasters, to which should be added terrorist attacks, wars and unexpected political changes. Things are out of control in the world, and people will feel not only more suffering, and a sense of helplessness increased.

Cataclysmic events and very troubled times ahead are the expression of the struggle between good and evil that will characterize the coming period.
The real cause of the disaster to come

According to his 2018 prophecy, since 1993 negative energy companies began to deteriorate. The expression of this degradation was a materialistic side accentuation of people. Human degradation product was an unprecedented intensity and speed.

But they were only seed planted in the ground, which, before long, will take root, they grow and will plunge mankind rot. Populations will become increasingly lawless, which will destabilize the world and will culminate in natural disasters and a Third World War.

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