Valentines Days Gifts for Aries

Aries has a very active and curious nature. His hobbies vary from day to day, and each new passion is to ram an unexplored world that captivates his attention. So, the answer is obvious: the best gift for Aries must meet its current desires and passions. By its nature expansive, whose element is fire, it […]

Chinese astrology love under the magnifying glass

Chinese astrology is not a recent discovery for the 21st century It is part of Chinese culture for centuries and signifies more than the year in which you were born or sex. Chinese zodiac provides extensive data about how you will be successful in love relationships or career, analyzing only simple information on date of […]

The full forecast for all Chinese zodiac

Year of the Rooster – Chinese horoscope Rooster is an animal 2017. organized, practical and grounded who likes to plan and to take calculated risks. While the monkey is about the element of surprise, energy Rooster is more about making decisions planned. 2017, you will need to plan your next move and start to think […]

the Ox main personality traits

Intimately associated with agriculture, work and patience. It is also related to the seasons of the sowing. It always goes forward with steady and slow but very steady and steady pace. Persevering animal of great physical strength, it possesses much vital energy. It is considered a sacred animal in the East. It is a bad […]

some basic info about the chinese zodiac

Tradition tells us that the Buddha, seeing his death next, wanted to gather all the animals of the Earth to bear witness to his last will. To his surprise, only twelve animals were presented to him. The rat was the first to arrive, then came eleven animals: the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, […]

chinese horoscope 2017 – trends for the new year for each sign

Brave, powerful and disturbing. Never indifferent: this way we will hear the song of the Rooster of fire from January 28, when the new Chinese year unfolds its decisive melody. Because this will be a stage of concreteness, results and decisions in which it will not be appropriate to hesitate too much. In his first […]

Chinese Horoscope Travel Guide for 2017

Traveling is the most valuable gifts that we can do in life. And today, the most remote and beautiful places in the world are not just intangible dreams, but dreams can come true. These are the places that we would fit most, according to the Chinese horoscope. Discover where should travel, according to your zodiac! […]

Chinese ascendancy – birth detail that changes your destiny to 180 degrees!

In Chinese astrology, the 12 Terrestrial Branches (replaced at some point of the 12 signs) are associated daylight hours. The 24 hours that make up a day are divided into 12 two hour intervals, each interval being governed by a sign. For all those born in a certain range, the sign which governs the interval […]

Chinese Horoscope: 2017 – Fire Rooster year. Love and money

In 2017 the Chinese zodiac begins on 28 January under the sign of the Rooster fire. As a sign of dawn awakening to life and triumph, it promises to be a year of great success, provided that they are preceded by hard work and patience. To cock but the prognosis is not as optimistic, because […]