2017 chinese horoscope for OX

Words that perfectly describe the natives of this sign are trust, diligence, strength and determination. Honesty is a trait native to it, getting to represent them in all aspects of life and in all stages of spiritual development. Ox children never lie, and adults ox I care about honest communication in relationships who create them. Patriots innate, they devote specific country and the ideals of the nation they belong to a rare drop from other signs.

Steers clear ideals and ambitions in life, then let guided, but not ever put anything above family. For women this sign, family is everything, children are their universe and their wives are faithful and loyal to the extreme.

This sign is somewhat a symbol of contradiction, where power is not used in a brutal and destructive but patiently to build. Ox achieve their goals slowly but surely, gradually building, brick by brick future that they have clear plans and are therefore one of the most successful Chinese zodiac signs.

In dealing with others, ox is handicapped by the inability to communicate. This often creates problems in communication Awkwardness natives who fail to pass their feelings and intentions correctly. For this reason, to build relationships lasting, lasting, enabling them to develop harmoniously, Native zodiac need partners to be on the same frequency vibrations inside, so what can not communicate properly be implied by itself. Stubborn ox is a double-edged sword in relationships with loved ones.

The ox is a symbol of work dedicated to exhaustion. Often natives of this sign stubbornness and determination pushes to extremes. Cases where they work to the point of affecting their health are frequent and therefore need to balance them loved this boundless dedication to hard work.

Meanwhile, ox, patient hardworking, dedicated, well reconciled routine is perfectly equipped to bring abundance in the house. Introverted character prevents him from becoming a true leader, but confidence and refusal to be intimidated guarantees that will almost always perceived as the most fit person in the workplace.

The most suitable occupations for natives in the sign of the ox are agriculture, pharmaceuticals, mechanics and engineering.

The health of the ox

Zodiac ox natives are robust and strong so rarely faced with health problems. The tendency to work too hard and do not let stubbornness time to relax are the main problems that can turn while in diseases, especially among the gastrointestinal.

To maintain health, ox needs a healthy diet and plenty of rest. Also, the natives of this sign are recommended relaxing moments that are prone to stress.

woman ox

Although shy and modest woman ox is nature friendly and approachable probably easier than the male counterpart of the Chinese horoscope. Bull’s relationships with women often start the realms of friendship and in any case there is a more faithful friend than this. A friendship with a woman of this sign is a friendship for life.

She rarely loses his temper and ox will work hard to achieve their objectives in life is more willing than almost any other zodiac sign to work quietly alone.

Although this figure may be uninspired when confronted with much more sociable types, ox woman rarely gets bored and often enjoy the company of a good book. This as the counterpart male loves open spaces beyond the edges of the city. Any place in nature is easily the favorite place of the people of this sign. They tend to socialize more in the company of good friends or romantic partners.

Generally woman zodiac ox is beautiful, but is unlikely to be lively in the true sense. It does not reveal their sexuality than individual favorite. Woman ox is well equipped both mentally and physically to be a mistress imaginative and depth. It is possible that this discovery does take a while and since people born in this zodiac sign ox, can not be rushed, it takes patience because the heat of passion begin to burn.

Woman ox rarely choose to live in a house that looks like it rolled off a magazine cover luxury. Instead it is likely to opt for something much simpler, neutral colors, a perfect comfort and a general feeling of safety.